Basingstoke Conservative MP Maria Miller wants to hear Disabled Constituents' views on access in Basingstoke

Basingstoke Conservative MP Maria Miller, who is also the Minister for Disabled People in the Department for Work and Pensions, launched a campaign last month to make Basingstoke a better place for disabled people to get around and use its services and facilities.

As part of this, Maria is asking disabled people in Basingstoke to let her have their views on how accessible they find the town and its amenities. She has launched a survey on her website, and is hoping to hear the views of disabled people over the coming weeks. The survey can be found on Maria’s website at, or those who prefer a paper version should call 020 7219 5749.

Maria said: “Disabled people should not be prevented from using local services, facilities and amenities because of poor design or lack of thought. Sometimes small adjustments can make the world of difference. I am hoping that the responses to this survey will highlight areas where things are working well, as well as where there is room for improvement.”