MP Maria Miller was invited to visit The Costello School in Basingstoke by Headteacher Randall Jull to see the social distancing measures put in place to ensure that the eligible year groups could return safely.

Maria observed several classrooms and  discussed the current situation with Mr Jull.

Maria also met with DT Teacher Claire Young who has designed and made over 3000 visors which have been distributed to organisations such as the Hospital, care homes and nurseries.

Maria commented;

“ It was great to see first -hand how the measures put in place by Costello have encouraged the safe return of eligible year groups.

The 85% attendance rate amongst these groups is a strong indication of the level of confidence felt by staff, pupils and parents in the measures. Costello has been open to the children of key workers and vulnerable children throughout the pandemic and it is good to see that the school community can now include Year 10 pupils. It was also interesting to discuss what opportunities could be put in place over the summer to allow pupils to catch up. It is vital that this generation of school children are not adversely affected by the pandemic in the longer term.

I very much enjoyed my visit to the DT department to see the visors both designed and made by Claire Young for community organisations. This is a real example of schools working in the wider community for the benefit of others.”

Head​teacher Randall Jull commented; “We are delighted to have been able to welcome back so many of our students; their​feedback, ​and that from parents ​and staff, about how safe they have felt through​out the Bohunt return strategy ​- and how pleased they have been to be back ​- is humbling, and testament to the work we have been doing. We are working hard to get the students back in a safe and measured way so they can do what they do best – thrive here with us.

This has been reflected in our decision to take an extra class in Year 7 in September, meeting the ever​-increasing demand for students to fulfil their pot