MP Maria Miller begins formal proceedings of BAME inquiry

This week Basingstoke’s MP Maria Miller took formal submissions for a local inquiry into the lived experiences of members of Basingstoke’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community.

The local inquiry has currently listened to submissions by Basingstoke’s African, Turkish, Nepalese, Pakistani, Filipino and Thai community groups and societies, and is due to receive submissions from other minority ethnic groups in due course. 

Maria Miller said, “The inquiry will consider the themes that are raised through this evidence and will share the evidence with relevant public and private sector organisations. These organisations can then work on identifying a plan to address the issues raised by Basingstoke’s BAME community. “

“This is a fresh opportunity, following the Black Lives Matter movement, to consider with renewed vigour what it’s like to live in Basingstoke for Black, Asian and minority ethnic people.”

Residents are reminded that the inquiry is open to all Basingstoke constituents from BAME communities, who are invited to take part and have their voice heard. A copy of the Inquiry can accessed here:


The deadline for submissions is 31 July 2020 and responses should be emailed to